Climate Change Effect In Philippines

Climate change in the Philippines is really a big issue. What I am trying to say is, Philippines is now experiencing major effects of this natural climate change.

Rainy season comes early, almost in an unexpected situation. Landslide are being reported from provinces. Flash floods is also a major problem.

Philippines Climate Change Extreme Effects - Image by knicko347

El Niño and La Niña is almost a normal thing now in the Philippines. Although the local government as well as other organizations are doing their best to bring back the good old days (which is almost impossible), still, it wasn't good enough.

What the Philippines really need for this natural climate change and those calamity brought by the climate change is the human cooperation and help.

People will often say, how can I help? I am just a normal person working all day for my family? Well a little help from this people can do a big change in the future. A typical family can help by limiting the usage of major contributors of pollution, specially plastic and styrofoams. Also, teaching family members not to throw garbage anywhere, specially at rivers and lakes may also help.

Ah, there are so many things that we can do to lessen up the bad effect of climate change. Will be posting more of it soon.